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How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost in Springfield and Decatur, IL?

How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost in Springfield and Decatur, IL?

If your bathroom is outdated, dysfunctional, or simply becoming an eyesore, it's time to remodel. It can be exciting to daydream about how beautiful and luxurious your new space will be, but no doubt you're thinking about all the logistics. Get started by first answering this crucial question: "How much will your bathroom remodel in Illinois cost?" The experts at True Craft Remodelers are ready with the answer.

How Much Does it Cost to Remodel a Bathroom in Springfield and decatur, Illinois?

To better answer this question, we need to learn more about your existing space and remodeling goals. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the size of your bathroom?
  • How extensive are your remodeling goals? Are you hoping to relocate any walls, plumbing, or electrical?
  • How long ago was your bathroom built in its current state?
  • Have you done any DIY work in your bathroom?

These and other questions will help narrow down the expected cost of your bathroom remodel. Bathroom remodeling services at True Craft Remodelers typically range between $20,000 and $55,000 or more. Keep in mind that costs can vary depending on the materials you select and your home's location in Illinois. For example, a bathroom remodel in Chicago, IL, will likely cost more than a bathroom remodel in Springfield, IL.

Bathroom Costs By Scale 

The complexity of your remodel and the price of your project go hand-in-hand. To better understand each, let's walk you through the different levels of how we can transform your living space.

How Much Does a custom Bathroom Refresh Cost in Springfield, IL?

Average cost: $20K

A custom bathroom refresh is a primarily cosmetic remodel. We'll work with your existing floor plan, keeping all your fixtures, electrical, and plumbing where they already are. You’ll keep your existing tub but with upgraded Onyx Collection walls in the shower. Other improvements include smart core vinyl flooring, new stock vanity cabinetry with Onyx Collection or cultured marble counters, new plumbing fixtures, and a curved shower curtain rod.

How Much Does A custom Bathroom Refresh Cost in Decatur, IL?

Average cost: $20K

During a custom bathroom refresh in Decatur, we'll maintain your existing layout, keeping all the fixtures, electrical work, and plumbing where they are. Your bathtub stays, but we'll upgrade it with custom Onyx Collection walls in the shower. You'll enjoy new smart core vinyl flooring, fresh vanity cabinetry with Onyx Collection or cultured marble countertops, modern plumbing fixtures, and a trendy curved shower curtain rod.

The refresh option is an excellent fit for bathrooms that simply need a good face-lift to better match your unique style or favorite design trends.

Interior Of Custom Bathroom By True Craft Remodelers

How Much Does A Mid-Range Custom Bathroom Remodel Cost in Springfield, IL?

Average cost: $30K

At this level, we'll work with your existing layout and keep your fixtures in the same place. However, we'll install a pristine, stylish tub or tile shower base. We'll upgrade to new flooring, with options varying from vinyl to porcelain tile. We'll also install high-quality plumbing fixtures. Rather than stock cabinetry, we'll craft a semi-custom vanity with a granite or quartz remnant countertop. Your shower will have a semi-frameless door. Finally, beautiful lighting upgrades will make the entire room sparkle.

How Much Does a Mid-Range Custom Bathroom Remodel Cost in Decatur, IL? 

Average cost: $30K

During a mid-range remodel, we won't change your bathroom's layout, but we'll enhance its elegance. We'll introduce a pristine, chic tub or a sleek tile shower base. The flooring options extend from vinyl to porcelain tile for added luxury. High-quality plumbing fixtures will be a part of the upgrade. Instead of stock cabinetry, we'll craft a semi-custom vanity with a granite or quartz remnant countertop. The semi-frameless shower door adds an element of modern design. Furthermore, our splendid lighting upgrades will make your entire bathroom shine.

This solution works well if you want to invest a little more in creating a chic renewal for your bathroom that resonates with your unique style.

How Much Does a Major Custom Bathroom Remodel Cost in Springfield, IL?

Average cost: $40K - $45K+

With major custom remodeling, we'll be able to relocate your fixtures. We’ll remove your existing tub and shower and replace them with a porcelain or natural stone shower with frameless glass doors. Depending on your investment and the needs of your space, we could also expand your shower to make it more roomy and luxurious. Your cabinets will be custom-built in our shop, or you can choose Mouser Custom Cabinetry. Granite or quartz will shine on your vanity countertop and in the shower. This level also includes new lighting and upgraded plumbing fixtures. 

If your bathroom is cramped or dysfunctional, consider a major custom remodel to better transform the space.

How Much Does a Major Custom Bathroom Remodel Cost in Decatur, IL? 

Average cost: $40K - $45K+

In Decatur, we offer the opportunity for a major custom bathroom transformation as well. In this project, we have the flexibility to move your fixtures, providing a fresh layout. We'll take out your old tub and shower, replacing them with a sleek porcelain or natural stone shower, complete with frameless glass doors. If your space allows, we can even expand your shower, giving you a more spacious and lavish experience. We take your cabinets seriously, crafting custom pieces in our shop or offering you the choice of Mouser Custom Cabinetry. The luxury continues with dazzling granite or quartz countertops, gracing your vanity and the shower space. As a final touch, expect brand-new lighting and upgraded plumbing fixtures to elevate your bathroom ambiance.

This is the ideal solution if you've grown tired of your existing bathroom's limitations and want to create a truly luxurious and functional space.

How Much Does an Upscale custom Bathroom Remodel Cost in Springfield, IL?

Average cost: 55K+

The sky's the limit with an upscale bathroom remodel. Completely change your layout and relocate your plumbing fixtures. We’ll remove your existing tub and replace it with a luxe alternative, as well as a natural stone tile shower with a custom base and frameless doors. You’ll be upgraded to high-end plumbing fixtures. We'll also install natural stone flooring, a Mouser or True Craft custom vanity with a granite or quartz top, and upgraded lighting. 

With this level of investment into your living space, we can truly design a bathroom that feels like your own personal spa getaway.

How Much Does AN Upscale custom Bathroom Remodel Cost in Decatur, IL? 

Average cost: 55K+

For your Decatur home, an upscale custom bathroom remodel is your chance to completely redefine your bathroom's layout and relocate plumbing fixtures to align with your vision. Out goes your old tub, to be replaced with a premium alternative alongside a natural stone tile shower boasting a custom base and frameless doors. We don't stop at the fixtures; you'll enjoy an upgrade to high-end plumbing fixtures, which is just the beginning. We'll also lay down exquisite natural stone flooring, introduce a Mouser or True Craft custom vanity crowned with granite or quartz, and install top-notch lighting.

This level of investment transforms your bathroom into a true personal spa, turning your Decatur home into a haven of luxury and relaxation.

What Should a New Bathroom in Springfield and decatur, il Cost? 

For homes in Springfield, IL, or Decatur, IL, the typical range for a bathroom remodel will start around $17,000 and reach $30,000, with master bathrooms usually starting around $40,000 and up. Because every project and living space is unique, the final price you spend will depend on size and scope. The more high-end amenities that require specialized installation and equipment, the higher your cost will climb.

The trick is to find a balance between the bathroom you envision and the budget you’re working within. As long as you hire a reputable contractor and work with quality materials, your project should be a collaboration on finding this balance.

What is a Realistic Budget for a Bathroom Remodel? 

The answer to this question depends on the size of your bathroom and the level of remodeling you’re hoping to accomplish. Also, the industry standard is to set aside at least 10% of your budget for any unexpected challenges. This could be water damage, change orders, old plumbing, or anything unknown at the time of the design. 

When deciding how much you're comfortable spending on a remodel, it's essential to consider allocating a contingency fund for the unexpected. This will ensure your project stays comfortably within budget while still being able to address all of your remodel's needs.

Can You Negotiate the Cost of a Bathroom Renovation? 

If you're on a tight budget, you have options and can still create a beautiful remodel! A quality design-builder can help you negotiate the best scope of work and choice of materials to suit your needs. During the design process, we can help you make careful and intentional selections so that you know exactly what your investment will be—well before construction begins. For more on planning your budget, contact us and we’ll be happy to offer more suggestions.

Have more questions? We have answers!

Bathroom Remodeling in Springfield and Decatur, IL

These cost estimates are meant to provide a good starting point, but your final investment depends on the contractor you choose, the selections you make, and the overall complexity of your project.

To have a better understanding of what your remodel may cost, schedule a 15-minute phone consultation with True Craft Remodelers. We’ll discuss your remodeling goals, challenges, and other important points to best determine what type of costs you can expect.


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