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Is your bathroom run down from years of daily wear and tear? Is the hardware dated, ill-fitting, or even leaking? Is there a damp smell, cracked tile, dated colors, and materials, or cramped storage? 

Your bathroom is one of the first places you go every morning and your last stop before curling into bed at night. Such a critical room in your home can have a major impact on your mood. 

Remodeling breathes new life into your bathroom. You can rip out your stained countertop, cramped vanity, and old shower-tub combination and upgrade to something much more contemporary, stylish, and efficient. Dream big. Maybe you want a sleek, glass-enclosed shower with a marble accent wall. Perhaps you've wanted heated tile floors, custom storage to tuck away your bathroom essentials, and a separate powder room for added privacy. 

Whatever you dream up, remodeling with the right professionals puts your dream bathroom well within reach. Alter the layout or expand it to add extra space and luxury! 

Creating gorgeous bathrooms is one of our passions at True Craft Remodelers. We love helping homeowners’ dreams come true and knowing that our clients will enjoy the design for years to come! 

Frequently Asked Questions for Bathroom Remodeling in Springfield, IL

Remodeling can be quite an endeavor without proper planning and preparation. Part of your preparation should be asking questions that will help you learn about the remodeling process and set expectations.  

We believe in giving homeowners the information they need to make the best decisions for their homes, families, and lives. That's why we're here to answer your commonly asked questions about bathroom remodeling.

What Questions Should I Ask Myself Before a Bathroom Remodel?

  • What is your primary reason for wanting to remodel? To freshen up the look, or something more extensive due to wear and tear or damage? 
  • Are there plumbing issues, like leaks, poor drainage, shower door, or toilet leaks every time they’re used?
  • What is the biggest issue with your current bathroom?
  • Who will be using the bathroom? Is it a main hall bath for the whole family and guests, the kids’ bathroom, or the primary suite bathroom?
  • How much is the budget for the project?

What Questions Should I Ask My Builder Before a Bathroom Remodel?

  • Do you use trade partners, like a licensed plumber & electrician? 
  • Will you stay on the job from start until finish?
  • How long will a bathroom remodel take? 
  • How much does a bathroom remodel cost?

What Do I Need to Know Before I Remodel My Bathroom? 

As with any remodel, it can be a major inconvenience or disruption to your daily routine. Especially if this is the only bathroom in the house. If the disruption causes a lot of stress for you and your family, arranging temporary lodging might be best. 

How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost in Illinois? 

The cost of your project can change based on location. Generally, you should expect to pay somewhere between $15,000 and $45,000 or more, whether you're planning a bathroom remodel in Springfield, IL or a bathroom remodel in Decatur, IL. 

Keep in mind that this range is based on our prices at True Craft Remodelers.

  • Bath Remodel (Midrange): the average cost is about $24,500 and you can expect to recoup about 60% of the cost.
  • Bath Remodel (Universal Design): the average cost is about $39,000 and you can expect to recoup about 57% of the cost.
  • Bath Remodel (Upscale): the average cost is about $75,700 and you can expect to recoup about 55% of the cost.
  • Bathroom Addition (Midrange): the average cost is about $103,600 and you can expect to recoup about 53% of the cost.

What is Included in a Bathroom Remodel?

Every bathroom is different, but here is an example of the most common:

Small bathroom remodels are smaller than 5 ft X 8 ft and typically cost about $17,000 to $25,000. Half-baths and powder rooms also fall under small bathrooms. Here’s what we provide in these renovations:
    • Keep existing tub
    • Luxury vinyl plank flooring
    • The Onyx Collection shower walls
    • Contractor-grade plumbing fixtures
    • Contractor grade vanity & top 
    • Curved shower curtain rod 
    • Electrical changes not included
    • Fixtures remain in the same locations
    • Builder-grade bath fan /exhaust
    • New vanity light and mirror

    Medium bathroom remodels are about 5 ft X 8 ft to 5ft x 10ft; still smaller than your master bathroom. These remodels range from $25,000 to $40,000 Guest bathrooms, hallway bathrooms and second-bedroom bathrooms fall under medium bathrooms. Here’s what we provide in these renovations: 
    • Replace tub with fiberglass insert or tub & solid surface walls
    • Porcelain tile floor 
    • Mid-grade plumbing fixtures
    • Mid-grade vanity & tops usually 
    • Prefab shower door kit
    • Fixtures remain in the same locations
    • New bath fan /exhaust
    • New vanity light and mirror

    Large bathroom remodels usually mean your master bathroom. These bathrooms range greatly in size. Typically, you can get this type of bathroom remodeled at around $40,000 or more. Here’s what we usually provide in these renovations:
    • Remove the tub & replace it with a tile base shower
    • Porcelain or natural stone tile floor & shower walls
    • Custom plumbing fixtures
    • Custom vanity cabinetry & top
    • Electrical changes/updates
    • Custom shower doors
    • Fixtures may be moved

How Long Does a Bathroom Remodel Take in Illinois? 

Most of our bathrooms, depending on the scope of work and size of the bathroom, take 5 to 10 days, with larger bathrooms, like a master bath, taking up to a month.

Realize Your Bathroom's Potential with True Craft Remodelers

Every bathroom has potential, even if it's difficult to see at first. At True Craft Remodelers, our job is to help you envision the possibilities. Watch your outdated bathroom fade away as our expert team partners with you to bring your dream space into reality. Don't spend another day in your dated bathroom. Get started with True Craft Remodelers now.

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