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    Do I need to get a permit for my project?

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    Typically, yes. We rarely come across municipalities that don’t require a permit for the larger remodeling projects that we provide such as bathrooms, kitchens, decks, and basements. We take care of getting all the paperwork and inspections that are required for your project.

    If your project is fairly simple (more of just a facelift of finishes), you may not need a permit. The Central Illinois region is very diverse with building codes which means that we deal with over 40 different building departments and the best way to find out is to call and ask your specific city or township building department.

    Scary thing is that several townships in Central Illinois that don’t have any building code enforcement of required minimum building codes (make sure whoever hire for your remodeling project doesn’t take advantage of you and your property due to the lack of code enforcement in these areas).

    Important note: In these areas with no code enforcement, we will always abide by the currently adopted State of Illinois of IRC building code. Giving you peace of mind that we always do what’s best for your property.

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